Non-Member Access

MLS® Access / Data Sharing Subscriber Membership

This allows you a Login ID and Password to WECAR’s MLS® Database. You will only have access to Windsor-Essex listings, you will not have access to any other board’s listings.

WECAR uses CoreLogic’s system called Matrix.

This service only allows MLS® System access and does not include any other benefits of Membership.

Fee: $900 +HST for a minimum one-year subscription. (there are no monthly subscriptions)

Interboard Listings

To list a property on our MLS® System, please contact your local Board/Association directly, as they will send us the required paperwork. To access our Data Input forms, please visit WEBForms™ and change board to “Windsor” Fee: $80+HST per listing


  1. The forms require your Full Name as it appears on your Home Board’s records and on your RECO Registration
  2. Your RECO Registration Number must be filled in.
  3. Your Broker of Record’s Signature must be present, as well as yours in the applicable areas

The completed forms must be returned to with a copy of your Photo ID.  We will also require a credit card to be left on file to charge for another month’s access if you do not cancel your subscription by the one-month deadline. The cost of access is $100 +HST for up to 1 month of service.

(ex. if you have a key for 1 day or 1 month, it’s $113; if you have the key for one month PLUS one day, you’ll have to pay an additional $113 for that next “month”)

Contact Methods and Information

WECAR: 519.966.6432 (Mon – Frid 8:30 am to 4:30 pm)

Agent Support (Technical Support) 1-877-699-6787 Enter Key Number and PIN when prompted (or just press #) 7 Days a Week, 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)

Ekey® turns your smartphone into your lockbox key

Visit the Apple® App Store to download the Supra® Ekey® app for your iPhone or Google Play® to download the Supra® Ekey® app for your Android.

Once all the required information is received, WECAR will send you instructions for activating Supra® Ekey® on your mobile device.  (Note you will not be able to register or use the app until you receive the Activation Code from WECAR.)

The new version of the Supra® Ekey® app requires:

Apple® iOS 10 or greater
Android™ OS 5 or greater

Obtain Key and Open Shackle