Survey of Residents Living in Windsor-Essex

Overall, 63% perceive the quality of life in the region as either “Excellent” or “Good”. When examining housing, there is a significant concern about its affordability, with 66% describing the situation as “Poor” or “Terrible”. The sentiment about traffic and congestion is mixed, while job availability is viewed moderately with most residents falling in the “Good” or “Ok” categories. City services, crime safety, and recreational services were mostly rated positively. When it comes to the quality of schools, parks, and healthcare, the majority gave them either “Excellent” or “Good” scores. However, the overall cost of living appears to be a concern, with 50% marking it as “Poor” or “Terrible”.

The top three issues locals want officials to focus on include housing accessibility and affordability (51%), the cost of living (50%), and healthcare (33%). Given the region’s predicted economic growth, the most suggested areas of focus are building more infrastructure and transit (34%) and reducing taxes (30%).

In terms of housing sentiment, only 16% are optimistic about buying a home in their desired community. The main reason is the lack of affordable options (39%), followed by the inability to afford a down payment (26%). The housing affordability crisis has brought up several solutions, with 38% suggesting the building of more affordable “missing middle” housing types. There is also broad support for building that “missing middle” housing types with 63% supporting and only 11% opposed.

Lastly, vote intention. Federally, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives led in both Windsor and Essex County with the NDP and Liberals evenly divided in 2nd.  Provincially, Ford’s PC Party is well ahead in Essex County and tied with the NDP in Windsor. The Ontario Liberals are well back in third but many voters say they are undecided.

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